Friday, August 1, 2008

Review - Nia 24 Sun Damage Repair for Decolletage and Hands

  • Clinically shown to improve skin tone, texture and hyperpigmentation.
  • Strengthens the skin barrier.
I am pretty young (33) and don't have a ton of sun damage because I do try to avoid too much sun exposure, but I do get tans and I do go to the beach and so on. I've developed these little spots on the backs of my hands and a few below my neck from the sun, and I really wondered if they'd just disappear over time, so I left them alone. But they haven't. So I tried this stuff, and already after a week's use the ones on my hands are actually just plain GONE and the below my neck isn't even noticeable anymore. I'm really glad for this stuff, because I think the spots were looking pretty weird and making me feel like I'd done a terrible undo-able misdeed to my skin. I recommend this to people with sun spots for sure, it will definitely help.

Sheba says:

Maybe they should call this Sun Damage Miracle Repair. Back when I was around 33 I was constantly out in the sun. Tans were good for you and to get one I needed to burn first. My face and neck and arms tanned up beautifully - strange thing though -- my legs never burned or tanned. I loved the tan -- it covered blemishes and looked fantastic without makeup but add some eye color and it popped. Let some years go by and I learned the error of my ways - - - YIKES! At first I wondered what the heck those spots were -- but then I realized they were from the sun and the worst ones are on my legs where I never got any color. I guess they were saving the damage for later. I have tried Vanishing creams galore - skin lighteners - you name it -- I tried it. Let's put it this way -- if any of them worked, do you think I would still be trying new ones?? Well, my search is over. This Nia 24 Sun Damage Repair is just plain incredible. I cannot say enough about this product. It does what it claims -- these spots will soon be history. I could not believe my eyes at first. After wasting so much money on useless products I was prepared to add another to the list. I think I actually noticed a difference within days. Now some spots are no longer there while others are faded and on their way out!! This may cost a little more than you want to spend. If I consider all the money I spent on useless creams -- this is actually cheap. This is an investment in your skin and is definitely worth every single penny. Two thumbs (with no sun spots on them) up!!!

Joyce says:

When I posted about their facial skin care, I said I loved this product line, especially for someone in my age category (50s). This particular product has impressed me just as much. I’ve stuck with applying it daily for three weeks and have to say my chest area and shoulders are noticeably improved. My hands and forearms got some serious sun damage last summer from forgetting to apply sunscreen, plus they see more sun daily than other parts. Well, the damage is not as repaired there as I’d like; but I have to say that these areas do look much better when I apply the product, and there is improvement. I think this is a case of allowing the right amount of time for more-affected areas to repair.

CitySlicker Says:

I have religiously been applying to my sun damaged chest area. I too used to worship the sun and one occasion comes to mind, a trip to Daytona Beach, me on the sand and staying there for hours, that night my chest was filled with multiple blisters. The ramifications of those blisters, I still bear and this is the first and only product I have used actually experienced results with. I am prouder than proud to report that my skin's appearance has changed the brown spots left from other infamous blisters are fading and the smallest ones are gonzo! I have been applying twice a day and will continue to use till I have to cut open the tube and scrape out... This is a perfect combination to use with their mineral sunscreen (my personal favorite product, hands down BEST sunscreen I have EVER used). I am utterly shocked that my skins looks so much healthier and I didn’t have to go to a plastic surgeon for help! Thank you NIA 24 for making a product that all have access to!

Maria says:
Well, I shouldn't be surprised that I'd like this product b/c it was love at first application on the other NIA24 products I used (and have been using for a solid three months). My favorite and star of the line (in my opinion) is the skin strengthening I love when I got the chance to try the Sun damage repair for other areas (decolletage/hands) I was like "heck, yeah". After years and years of basking in the sun - the sins of my stupidity have come back to haunt me in the form of sun what, a combo of baby oil and iodine was NOT good sunscreen? Who knew? (yes, that's what we used - baby oil mixed with iodine - slathered it on and fried right up). I would say that this cream seems to be really addressing the areas on my chest - really well actually. I have been finding some of the tougher "spots" are fading and that there's a smoothness there. I haven't really seen too much of a change on my hands or forearms - but I truly don't think I've given it enough of time. I'll update if I see a more pronounced improvement there - but hands down, this is a line that delivers on it's claims. I have to laugh at what City Slicker says about about cutting open the tube to get every last drop - that's what i ACTUALLY did with the Skin Strengthening Complex! I can see me doing that with this as well.


Stacey Renee said...


Can this product be used on the face? I have a couple spots on my face... and some dark freckling under my lip (which creates a nasty "shadow"). I'm in my 30's, not a sun-worshipper, but when I do step in the sun for even a little bit, I have freckles and dark spots that appear. (I am a very fair white woman... ) Any ideas?


Sheba said...

I will be quite honest -- I do not think it is intended to be used for the face. That being said, I use it on my face. I have a couple of spots on my forehead and near my nose and so far, I have not had anything but good luck with using it there. If I had, I would have simply stopped. My facial sun spots are fading quite nicely and I hope there are gone soon.