Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Review - Chi Olive Nutrient Therapy - Spritz

Olive Nutrient Spritz superior technology with Certified Organic Essential oils, Natural oils and a special blend of extract will provide all day hold and control to all your style while leaving hair touchable and with the utmost in shine. Directions: Hold bottle 12” away and spray evenly. Avoid eye contact.

This hairspray is much like the rest of the products by this line; the results are beautiful and really deliver what they advertise. At first I was very weary of this product.
The very first ingredient is Alcohol, which I must admit scared me a little. Well more than a little, how good can it possibly be to spray alcohol onto your hair? Of all things that sounds like it would be drying and cause it to look brittle after a few weeks, right? I have now been using this spritz for about 3 weeks, not every day but close, and I have noticed no ill affects at all. In fact quite the opposite. The spritz keeps everything in place, but still allows you to touch your hair without that crunchy brittle feeling that some hair sprays can leave behind. Right after the first use you notice how incredibly shiny your hair looks, but after two weeks it looks healthier and shinier even when I don't apply. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner from the same line also so it could have been a combination of all the lovely essential oils being infused into my lucky hair. Whatever, I'm not complaining!

As a side note I must also say that the smell of alcohol is quite strong when you first spray, but it fades quickly to leave that light olive oil citrus that the rest of the products from this line seem to have. Also the bottle is HUGE, I don't think I'll ever be able to use it up. If you like to use hairspray you will be more than happy with this Nutrient Therapy Spritz.

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