Sunday, August 31, 2008

Review - Arbonne Purifying Sea Soak

Seawater is full of life and is extremely therapeutic. Submerge yourself in the rare treasures of the sea in a warm bath filled with relaxing, invigorating and strengthening sea minerals that help purify and nurture the skin. $60.00
I got this as a gift and I am addicted. I love taking a swim in the tub on any given day. I work hard and find soaking completely relaxing and a great place to read a magazine. This is an amazing product and for $60 for 8 packs it better be. I never really thought anything of the purifying qualities till my first use. I dumped in the entire package and now I know I can cut it in half. I bathed, just soaked and within 10 minutes the water was grey, I don’t know what it pulled out of my skin but when I got out, I couldn’t believe how nice my skin felt, moisturized and so soft to the touch. I am using this once a week to pull out the impurities, also when I am not in the mood for a bath, this is amazing in a foot bath too, and it softens my soles and again pulls out all the toxins. I find it very relaxing and love the light scent. It’s an investment but worth it!

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