Saturday, August 30, 2008

Review - Avon Anew RETROACTIVE+ Youth Extending Cream Night Cream

Inspired by award-winning research, this proactive Youth Extending Cream is formulated to: Fight micro-damage better than before- invisible damage of the cellular level that can lead to visible signs of aging. Helps shrink the lines and pores before they can become larger.Boost skin's most powerful defense system - each cream is formulated to help protect skin against future micro-damage and help make it more resistant to future signs of aging. price: $27.00 on sale - $16.00

The Anew Line of Avon products has been a real discovery for me. This particular cream goes on very smoothly and is absorbed rather quickly. It works best if you also use the Day cream in conjuntion with this. The results are worth the investment and the cost can be minimal. Avon constantly has sales so just wait until it goes on sale or try EBay. I noticed small differences within a few days to a week after begining use. It sounds like a commercial but it does minimize the appearance of fine lines. It does not make the lines disappear or any such miracle but it does somehow reduce their appearance and that is GOOD! I noticed that my jawline seemed to have a bit firmer appearance. I don't expect to appear like I am back in my twenties but I am quite happy with the slight changes I saw right away and intend to keep those changes in place. I think continued use might attain that for me. Continued use will not be the same as Botox or surgery. So I will be more than happy if it just continues to leave the improvements I see now. Once again, their sale price is very reasonable for what you find in this jar. Check out Ebay on the chance you might find it for a better price. I do think you will be pleased with the results as long as you are not looking for miracles.

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