Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review - Monroe 'Lady in Red' Ceramic Brush

MONROE'S CERAMIC BRUSHES hold the heat during the duration of the blow dry time.Our new ceramic technology allows brush to convey heat to the hair for a faster and smoother blow dry. It accelerates the blow dry process.Our ceramic brushes have mixed boar bristles that allow for more tension and better performance. Recommended for any type of hair.Using MONROE brush minimizes frizz, especially in chemically processed hairs.
Regular Price $23.99 ... Your Price $12.99

Sheba says:

This brush is not exactly what I was looking for but it turned out to be a nice surprise. I do find that it helps with the frizzies as it has been like we need Noah's ark around here lately. The rain and the humidity are killers for my fine naturally curly hair. This does help tame them and it works wonders while blow drying my hair. I have had it for a while -- but I had to learn how to use it properly for me. I had just so-so results with some of my techniques. But I now have the appearance of smooth hair with some body to it -- even in this 'rainforest' weather we have been experiencing. I have no idea how much longer the sale is on the brush at the above site but it is definitely a bargain at this price.

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