Sunday, August 10, 2008

Review- Becca Glossy Lip Tint

Glossy Lip Tint is a heavy duty, translucent gloss that makes the lips look full and youthful. Perfect for day or a suble evening look and conditions the lips with long lasting shine. $22.00

This is a great gloss. I put it on this morning around 6:45 am and here I am with my lips still shining away. I have the sheery shimmery Angel's Kiss color of this gloss and I really love it compared to all the other clear glosses I have and have tried. I don't remember one with this type of staying power. My only qualms are that it's a bit sticky (which annoys my boyfriend a little) but he'll get over it. I love the teeny brush and the compact size, and the stay put attitude that it has.

CitySlicker Says:
I have this in Sugar Plum and if you look at the swatch, it looks like a vibrant purple so when I swiped this on the lippies I was utterly stunned at the color. It turns into a perfect fuchsia without being over the top. I think it looks like a healthy flushed pink with a kick; it brings out the pink in my own lips. I swipe one coat on the top and one on the bottom and I am ready to rock. It’s really shiny, completely comfortable and not sticky. I do notice that I need to reapply every couple of hours, not a big deal but by reapplying it vamps up the glossiness. I have a tan right now so it’s a super summer color... I swear you will be surprised when you see how this applies as opposed to the color in the tube. In this case looks are completely deceiving! I will wear this till the tube dries up!

Sheba says:
Becca Glossy Lip Tint is a swirl of color that applies to your lips so easily and smoothly. The color (mine is Cassis) is very vibrant, yet not too much. This shade is one that looks good with one layer or a couple. I would describe it as a swirl or mauves -- some look a bit lighter, then some appear frosted, and others seem more matte. There m also might be a touch of cocoa color in there. To be honest I hate to put my interpretation of the colors as you just might see it differently so you would really need to look at it yourself for your thoughts on it. The result of the blend if absolutely beautiful when you apply it. I have mentioned before that I am a person who needs to reapply my products often as I am hard on them. This stays a little longer than the usual but even if it did not I would not complain. It is me and not the product -- I am rough on it. I did not find it sticky but then even if I had -- it would not have remained sticky for long with me. This particular shade will look well and shine on the pale face or a tan face. I have tried it both ways and it wears well day or night. The glossiness is just about right - shiney, but not ridiculous. Some brands can make my lips look like I poured oil on my lips. Becca is a bit costly but I can tell you I have been using it off and on for a quite a while and it looks barely used. . . it will last a long time and so you get your moneys worth.

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