Friday, August 1, 2008

Review - LuMESH Mascara in Blak

I have this mascara in Blak, a standard black. It is a nice consistency, comparable to other mascaras in this price range. It does make your lashes curl up beautifully without the use of a curler. I do not use eyelash curlers, in my opinion there are plenty of products that add volume and curl to your lashes without those weird looking contraptions.... LuMESH being a perfect example. The huge plus this product gets is the packaging, there is a sizable mirror lodged into the tube. Look up at the picture, that stripe is not white; it is mirror. Perhaps I have been hiding under a rock for 24 years but I have never had any product with packaging that useful. My only problem with this mascara is the longevity, I find that it tends to flake after about 8 hours, but I am super hard on my eyes. Most mascaras don't live throughout the day. Suffice it to say this one stood up better than most. If you don't have a problem with your mascara ending up under your eyes, you will be more than happy with this mascara. Very cool packaging, beautiful affect on your eyes, I really like it. If only it came in waterproof....

CitySlicker Says:

I too have this in Blak. I love the mirror on the tube; it’s great for gals on the go. I never take mascara with me but now that I have a mirror attached, I have been bringing it along. It’s a very deep black color, goes on fairly wet with dries quickly. My lashes are lengthened, separated and full. I have to agree with Deedlejuse, this doesn’t stand up to long days. When I wear it I do notice when I come home from work that I can see bits under my eyes. I think that for $24 there are longer wearing mascaras out there... I just can’t get over the great packaging. I love that so I will continue to use it up!

Amanda S. Says:

Also had Blak here, but I had a different experience. I am, as some of you may know, a devout disciple to the 'no panda eyes' mascara made by fiberwig, and rarely stray except for top notch stuff (for long). Sure, I'll try things out and use them up if they're not terrifyingly bad, but I don't stand for things that smudge because I'm a terribly eye rubber, having to do a lot of reading at my job. I didn't seem to have a problem with the product flaking off under my eyes or wearing out on a long day, and I'd give it a B+ to an A (if I'm feeling super nice) compared to my all time favorite.

Sheba says:

I really do like this mascara -- it goes on easily and wears well. I am in the habit of using an eyelash brush no matter what mascara I use so that I do NOT have clumps, etc. I found that the brush took very little off as there really were not any clumps but I still used it. I guess I am addicted to it. It lengthens and thickens without looking cakey or too thick. Once again, I can use an extra coat to really lengthen the lashes at night if I want--don't want them hitting my glasses at work. I am also an eye rub person -- I try to stop myself -- but sometimes I do not even realize I am doing it. I did have a little flaking from rubbing -- but that is to be expected if I rub mascara like that. Sooner or later I may actually stop that bad habit. I did not have any problem with the mascara lasting throughout the day -- it had staying power with me -- except in my rubbing experieces. . . and that is me -- not the mascara. I am very happy with this mascara and plan to add it to my eye make up arsenal.

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