Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review - Nixie Cream Foundation

Exceptionally bendable, smooth, emollient-based foundation formulated for professional makeup artists. $18.00

I got this in Ivory 3 when I initially looked at it, there really is nothing Ivory about it, I found that it looks more beige to me. I am usually very pale but thanks to my new airbrushed spray tan, I have color so I was able to use this color due to the tan. If I was going commando with no tan then it would be to dark for me. This is very easy to apply with a foundation brush. OMG, it absorbs into my skin completely and really gives my skin a very even tone. It leaves my skin with a semi matte finish and I don’t really need to finish with a powder so I have been just using a bronzer for a healthy sheen. I NEED to get this in my normal color tone! I really like this foundation. The lightness of it reminds me of Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas and the coverage is like Make Up Forever’s Mat Velvet. I wore it in very humid weather and even though I was sweating to death it didn’t separate from my face, sometimes foundation just drips off in the hot weather this became one with my skin, for the one reason it’s worth looking into! Great product and completely affordable, I encourage all to check their site out!

Hillary says:
I am the absolute palest of the pale, so I had no problem choosing my shade for this foundation. I simply chose the lightest. This foundation is an acne or discoloration haver's dream come true. It provides complete coverage without looking mask-like. I'll admit I was a bit heavy handed when I first put this cream on with a sponge as I don't usually use a sponge, but when I tried it again with a foundation brush and it worked perfectly. Totally covered the redness around my nose and the dark circles under my eyes. I didn't even have to spot cover anything. It's oil and paraben free to boot. This foundation has several ingredients to improve your skin such as squalane, vitamin E and hydrolyzed collagen. As an added bonus, all Nixie products are cruelty free and made in the U.S.A. I've loved every Nixie item I've tried. I highly recommend checking them out.

Sheba says:
I hate to sound like everyone else but this stuff is terrific. I actually did select a very good match for my skin tone - Ivory 7. I applied with a foundation brush as I am now very used to working with them. The results are incredible. You really do not need any concealer with this product and that is a miracle to me. My whole face usually needs concealer here and there. This covers all problem areas without that heavy look. It is a bit more visible than my usual 'mineral' look but it still appears pretty natural. It does give a matte look which I find to be very nice and soft. I seriously think that no one will need to go heavy with this foundation as it covers everything so well with just a light touch. I think I am actually wearing less foundation than when I use my mineral - as I use a concealer and a tone corrector, etc. under the foundation. I simply apply my moisturizer as I always do and go right to this foundation. Foundation is the perfect word or description of this. It leaves you with the perfect foundation/base to build upon. You can then apply your blush, lip, and eye products to a flawless looking face. I believe that I am going to need to make sure I have much more of this miracle worker in my make up arsenal. It is a superior product and it shows and feels like one.

Maria says:
I might as well hop on the Nixie love bandwagon with the caveat that I ordered the wrong shade for my skintone - I'm usually a level two in everything (fair skin/yellow to neutral undertones) but the Natural 2 was a smidge too dark - HOWEVER - that being said, as soon as I tried it, I went right to the Nixie sight to scout around for a foundation shade that would be more of a match -- it's just really, really nice. It gives you a perfect canvas to apply everything else - and everything else goes on as smooth as silk - leaving you with a "hey, I look pretty dang good" face. This is what I wished MAC's Studio Fix was but wasn't - so THERE, MAC - who needs ya?!! I applied with a Lancome Foundation brush - that application method worked really well for me. Last but not least - can you say VERY affordably priced???? Way to go,Nixie.

Amanda S. Says:

See, I tried this cream foundation with all the hopes and dreams listed above, but I didn't find it worked as well on me. I tried it on a friend and she had results she loved, but for some reason, on my skin, it clumped a little and went on too thick for my liking and seemed to streak a little, and I don't have oily skin (maybe my skin was a little too dry? I dunno). Anyway, it seems like everyone else had a great time with it, so there's a quality there that I missed out on. Give it a shot though if you like good coverage because my friend really liked it.

Deedlejuse Says:
This foundation is really heavy duty, when you go on their website you will notice that "camera ready finish" is the selling point. Well, I'm 24, I don't have wrinkles, acne, scars, or really any major imperfections of that kind. So it was really just too much for me. I used it as a concealer on a little red spot on the bridge of my nose, and it was more than enough coverage for spot control. The color I chose (Ivory 1) would be perfect for me in the winter, but I'm a little sun-kissed right now, so it was just a little too pale. Perhaps thats why I felt like I had so much make-up on, even though I mixed it with a light moisturizer to thin it a bit. Personally I don't need that kind of all encompassing foundation, so next time I'm going to try the Even Skin Mousse Foundation, which looks a little less intimidating to me. I love the Nixie stuff, and this would have been awesome if I was in a play or something, but for everyday I thought it was a bit much.

Joyce says:

Review- I really like this cream base. I don’t usually like cream bases because of how heavy they can feel on the skin . . . as though I’m wearing a mask (as some of my fellow bloggers wrote). Nixie’s is light, yet the coverage is both good and natural-looking. I also found it did well in blending my under-eye circles with the rest of my face (rather than reverse raccoon eyes that can happen with some concealers). I can say it didn’t block my pores or cause any unpleasant dermatology issues. In fact, I loved how my skin looked when I wore it – as though it was just my skin. Ivory 3 was a perfect match for my skin tone: mix between ivory and olive. I’ve been a mineral powder aficionado for years, but I find I grab this product first. Sometimes I put a light layering of mineral powder over it, but only about 10% of the time.

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