Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Review - Avon NAIL EXPERTS Nail Brightener

Brush on a bright-white shine...see glowing results instantly! Optical brightening pearls perk up dull, discolored nails. Add a second coat to intensify brightness or refresh your look. Does not contain harsh bleach or peroxide. .4 fl. oz. $6.00

I purchased this from one of their 'Clearance' sales at about $2 and what a great bargain it turned out to be!! I just wish I had bought several. My nails had been looking very dull and even clear did not seem to help. All I had to lose was the $2 so why not try this? It glides on very easily and dries extremely fast! All I applied was one coat and I was genuinely surprised at the results. It says it is a bright white shine -- with pearls to perk up dull -- well, that is exactly what it is. Although I don't actually see the white too much. It definitely brightens the nails and it has been on for over a week with not even one chip. No base or top coat. . . just one coat of this product!! This would have been a life saver back in the days when I smoked and had 'nicotine' nails. If one coat lasts this long -- I will have this for a long time to come. I have said it before and I'll say it again -- NEVER buy any Avon item that is not on sale. They always go on sale. Many are EBay bargains also. However, this is best without the shipping costs. Wait for a sale and pick some up. You will not regret it. You can use it alone, on top of another color to add a pearl shimmer or use a couple of coats and see the results.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I have a question!
In what year was this nail polish made ​​of?
it was 2007?

Plz answer: kruemelkeksx3@hotmail.de