Monday, August 18, 2008

Review - Supersmile Quickie

Supersmile Quikee, in a handy pocket-sized tube, has been clinically developed to promote real oral care on-the-go, anytime, anywhere—whenever it simply isn't convenient to brush or rinse. Just a drop of Quikee (with proprietary Calprox) smoothed over your teeth provides the perfect stain-removing, breath-freshening experience that you've come to expect from Supersmile. Perfect after meals, on a date, while traveling or at work or school.

Created by aesthetic dentistry icon Dr. Irwin Smigel, the Supersmile system not only whitens natural teeth, but enhances professionally bleached teeth without sensitivity or the danger of over-bleaching. It's the only whitening system that restores bonded teeth and veneers to their original color.

I have been using the Supersmile Quickie, without any of their other products, for several weeks now. It is a very convenient little size, and you would be stunned by how long .35oz lasts! All in all I liked the way it tasted, it did leave my breath feeling fresh and clean, and it didn't cause any sensitivity (which is normal for me and teeth whitening products). I think that the effects would have been more pronounced had I used it in conjunction with the Professional Whitening System, but I did notice a slight difference with this alone. Honestly, if you are going to spend the money on the Quickie, you have invested enough to get the Professional Whitening System too. I think if you used them together you would be much happier with the results, this is based on other people's reviews of the Professional Whitening System which you can read here .
The flavor is nice, the affects were a little bit less than what I was hoping for, but I really think using both together would have improved the results. All in all, I think I'm going to order the whole package, and save the rest of the Quickie for when I get it. White teeth are so important, and I definitely think that Supersmile will help you get them!

Sheba says:

Just 'ditto' Deedlejuse's review: it is dead on. I enjoy using this little Supersmile Quickie. It leaves you with very fresh breath and your mouth feels refreshed. I barely noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth and it is easy for me to see it -- I chipped one of my front teeth and have a filling to replace the chip. The filling matches the color of the tooth and teeth around it. The difference between that filling (which cannot whiten) and the teeth is very slight. However, I really agree with Deedlejuse's assessment that it probably works overtime when used in conjunction with their Professional Whitening System. This Supersmile Quickie is sold as a stand alone product and does a wonderful job considering the way it freshens breath and makes your mouth feel great. However, to get the most optimum whitening it really should be used with the Professional Whitening System. Also, as she mentioned -- the little tube lasts forever. I have been using it for weeks and it still has most of the contents in tact. It takes only a drop for the super results.

CityClicker Says:

I love any whiting product that works and leaves me with no pain or sensitivity. This is one of those little gems that all girls should have in their bag, it’s easy to use discreet and provides you with a light burst of freshness and helps with staining. I use after a cranberry juice to stomp the stain or just when I need a boost other than gum. I have found that using along with the supersmile toothpaste with accelerator this is keeping my teeth free from staining and bright. I would love to try the professional whiting system and see what the results bring me but as an inexpensive accessory this is really nice!

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