Monday, August 18, 2008

Review - Make-up Designory’s Rose Clay Lipstick

The Basics: Luscious Sheer Lipsticks in an array of colors to complement any skin tone, from extra-light to rich and dark. Ultra-emollient formula leaves lips feeling soft and supple
. Make-up Designory’s Rose Clay Lipstick is a light natural color with a warm undertone. Rose Clay is one of our Sheer formula lipsticks, which provides medium coverage with a light shine.

I use this shade of their 'sheer' lipsticks. They categorize their lipstick according to sheer, satin, lip gloss and lip pencil. They made suggestions as to how to use the products. One of them is to layer them while another is to mix colors, etc. I have been mixing colors and types for ages so I am very comfortable with doing so. This is a mid priced lipstick which does apply very easily and this particular one is sheer as it claims. It gives you that natural color with an enhanced appearance to it. It feels creamy and spreads on very evenly. It keeps your lips nice and mosisutized. I like it alone or with a frost applied and it mixes very well with some of my other colors from different lines. It does stay for a while. No lipstick stays on me for long but this doesn't do badly at all. I am very hard on lipsticks and mascaras. The cost seems about in the mid range and they do offer the different sheers, satins, glosses, etc. They have a pretty nice array of color choices so you will find something that you like among them.

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