Thursday, August 28, 2008

Review - NutriMinC® RE9 REfinish, Hydrating Body Lotion

NutriMinC® RE9 REfinish, Hydrating Body LotionScientifically-advanced liposome delivery system delivers antioxidant vitamins and helps protect skin. An extremely hydrating formula that leaves skin feeling supple and healthy. ( 7.34 oz./208 g ) Price: $45.00

This lotion was given to me by a very generous person. A relative was undergoing a particular chemotherapy treatment that was drying his skin so badly that it was flaking all over . All the lotions and creams I owned barely touched the dryness. The chemo is noted for this side effect but we were surprised at the actual degree of dryness. Once he started applying this lotion there was a very noticeable difference. His skin stopped flaking completely -- it was definitely less dry than it had been and it started to feel moist after using this for a while. Yes, it is definitely more expensive than I would normally spend. However, this was not a normal situation. It was embarassing to him. It was not just his body -- but his face that was flaking so badly until he used this. He has since stopped that chemo and his skin has returned to normal so I have inherited the lotion. I love it. Maybe there is a reason for its cost. My skin feels so, so soft and silky and very moist. It just feels wonderful -- I do not need a lot so I am stretching it out as long as I can. Perhaps when I need more I will justify the cost to myself. The results are really wonderful.

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