Saturday, August 2, 2008

Review - LuMESH Lip Gloss

Here’s a gloss I love. This feels nothing like a gloss on, it feels more like a creamy lipstick. It goes on smoothly and distributes rich color. I have Trischa; it’s described as “This light pinkish gold shimmer lip gloss enhances your summer tan to perfection.” I think it’s more of a peachy pink with sheer gold opalescent shimmer. It is super with a summer tan also. When I apply my lips look more peachy golden than pink, it’s a medium peachy tint. I think this is one of the most comfortable glosses I have tried. It’s truly the anti-gloss. My lips haven’t dried out at all, which is unlikely with a gloss. This also offers a minty cooling effect, there is no taste or scent just a cooling sensation that I enjoy. This wears longer that most glosses too, not as many touch ups. I can get away without touching up till eating. Trischa doesn’t slip away in to the eternal bliss. As I mentioned before this is more like a creamy lipstick and not like a gloss. You will be amazed with the product. Again, the mirror on the tube makes this perfect to travel with! The neck of the tube is narrow so when I am running out I think it will be difficult to swish the wand around to scoop out the remains.

Maria says:

Guess what I'm wearing right now as I type this? Yupper.....LuMESH lip Trischa no less - the same one that CitySlicker above has. I agree with her spot on color description - a peachy-golden color for sure. I see no pink on my lips, though I do see the pink on the wand when I'm taking it out of the tube. This is not a GLOSSY lipgloss - it is a creamy lipstick like gloss that feels delectable on your lips. I love that I don't get that nasty, cakey look between my lips like I do with other lipglosses - it's like wax buildup or something. Not so with LuMESH. It's now a staple in my pocketbook -and why wouldn't it be? The brilliant little tube with its side mirror make application flawless after lunch or for touching up. This will not dry out your lips - it will make them look and feel just yummy. Love it.

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