Sunday, August 3, 2008

Review - Mario Badescu Fruit and Vitamin A&D Hand Cream

Vitamin rich Fruit Extracts smooth and soften skin while providing protection from harmful sun damage. Made with Orange Extract to rejuvenate dull skin. (SPF-10)
Good for All Skin Types
4oz. - $10.00

As stated in the name this hand cream contains fruits and Vitamins A + D. It does have a slight fruity fragrance (not citrus though). Personally I like the fact that it is lightly scented as more heavy scents can clash with your cologne or even overpower it. Fear not - this one won't do either. It is NOT greasy and is easily absorbed into the skin. You are left with a very soft silky feeling. You really do not need much, I found that just a little dab does the job for me. I am a dog owner, and, as such, I wash my hands frequently. I love my little stinker but after I pet him I wash my hands. Constant washing does dry out the skin something fierce. Mario to the rescue . . . one dilemma solved. Other creams also work as well but some have a greasey feel to them while others feature a very strong fragrance. This hand cream does the job for me.

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