Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review - LuMESH Lip Gloss

Achieve healthier lips with LuMesh lip glosses. Enriched with a unique blend of botanicals, packed with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and natural emollients. Fragrance free and flavor free. This state of the art formula never feels sticky and promotes plump-looking lips. Convenient mirror packaging. $24.00

Yes another ingenious, wonderful product from LuMESH. Again my absolute favorite part of the lip gloss is the packaging. Some things just tickle me, a mirror in my handbag that is not covered with eyeshadow all the time, that is one of those things. The color I tried is called Sheila, a little bit different from the norm for me but I can't imagine it not looking good on anyone. I am blond, with fair skin (granted I have a bit of a tan this summer) and it looks so good. I look sun-kissed, like a bronzer for your lips. I tried it over another color just to see what would happen, let me tell you Strawberry is much easier to wear if you cover it with a beautiful bronze shine! Anyways, yes it is rather pricey for a lip gloss, but it feels so nice. It isn't sticky like they advertise, and it makes the lips look a bit plumper without that sting that some plumpers have. It is totally worth it, and the other colors are so cute!

Amanda S. Says: I really do like the packaging also, and I used the color Magaly, which is a deeper shade than I'd ever really pick for myself. I garnered a ton of compliments on it too, and it stuck around for quite a while. How adorable is the mirror on the side of the package? I mean seriously!!! unlike other make up compacts/cases that have mirrors in them that actually end up getting smudged and useless with the make up their supposed to help you supply, this mirror is right on the side and out of harm's way. I think it's awesome.

Sheba says:
I guess I am the only slob in the group. I love the mirror on the side also -- but mine got smudged, etc. in the little bag I kept it in. I am not complaining as it took a simple swipe with a Kleenex to clear it. However, no one else ran into that situation. It is not a problem and is a clever idea. I found the gloss itself to be more like a liquid lipstick. It glides on ever so easily and looks very rich. It does not have the glossy shine that I sort of expected. Rather it has a very nice matte type finish. I would never have guessed it was a gloss if I did not put it on myself. Kalie is a nice shimmery shade of pink. It seems to be a very neutral color that might flatter any skin tone. I think it looks great and stays on for a while and feels good on. I am the one who has to reapply everything all the time. LuMesh has a great palette of colors and shades to select from so there is a color for everyone. The price is a little steep but it does wear pretty well and it just may last longer than the usual lip gloss or lipstick and save you some money.

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