Sunday, August 3, 2008

Review- Mario Badescu Suncare (SPF 30)

Full UVA/UVB daily protection in a lightweight, low oil moisturizer. Contains soothing Aloe Vera Gel and Eucalyptus Oil. A must for Retin A and acne Rx users to prevent discoloration and scarring. $22 for 2 oz.

Mario Badescu does it again! I swear I have not tried one Mario Badescu product that I didn't love, this is no exception. I have tried (& returned) every single SPF 30 moisturizer that they sell at Sephora & none of them were to my liking. This moisturizer doesn't have any of the downfalls of the others I've tried. First of all, it doesn't smell like sunscreen, in fact it has very little scent at all. It speads over your face smoothly and sinks in completely. The MB website says this is for combination and sensitive skin, but I have very dry skin and this delivers enough moisture for me. I know you are supposed to be generous when applying sunscreen but a little bit of this lotion covers my whole face. I'm not sure if you are supposed to, but I even use this as an eye cream with no irritation. I'm so happy I found this moisturizer!

Joyce says:

This has become a “must” before I walk outside. I love the smoothes-and-soothes-the-skin texture; and how did they make a sunscreen smell more like a body lotion than a sun product?! I’ve liked sunscreens I’ve tried (and disliked some), but this one makes me feel more like I’m giving my skin a treat (positive thought-form) as opposed to protecting it from “harmful” stuff (negative thought-form). I feel comfortable getting my Vitamin D while using this product.

Sheba says:

How does Mario Badescu do so many things so well? This is another of their products that deliver. I need a minimum of a 30 SPF and this is the best of the lot I have used. Like mentioned before its fragrance is not that of a sun product. It has a very pleasant scent which is not overpowering but just right. You do not feel like everyone around you can smell the sun protection you have on. It goes on your nose so the scent is right there. Yet, I like it. I don't like the usual sun protection scents. This goes on extremely smoothly and my skin seems to drink it up -- and feels good. It moisturizes while it does its job. I will definitely be protecting myself while being moisturized with a very nice refreshing scent. This is a different experience from the usual sun protection products. I love it!!

CitySlicker Says:

This is a great moisturizer; the fact that we are getting the added bonus of SPF sends me over the moon. This is a thick rich moisturizer that really provides my skin a wonderful barrier. My skin is hydrated, plump and free from any flaking. I go overboard with my sunscreen application and this is no different. I apply about a quarter sized portion to my face and pull it down to my neck. This is unlike any other product I have used with SPF, I am not all greasy shiny, my skin actually looks ok without any makeup, not saying I would subject to the world to that but am just saying I could! My makeup goes on very well also, I have experiences no slippage. Can I be honest; I want this for my body, not just my face. You get what you pay for and so much more!

Amanda S. Says: I really need a good sunblock, for health reasons and also because my father has had skin cancer removed from his face. I've tried a LOT of sunscreens, I like the beach and I like the outdoors, and it seems that even when i slather on an alleged SPF 45, it is gone and i get a tan!!!! It drives me nuts. I tried this out not just on my face, but on my arms neck and shoulders when I was walking around all day in the city, only reapplying once to my face and shoulders, and behold... NO TAN, no sun, no damage, the sun just didn't get through this stuff. It's so much easier to put on than the other brands that are super thick and are all white and streaky until they absorb too. I really think this stuff is great!

Deedlejuse Says:

I agree with everyone on this product. It is more like a lotion than a sunscreen, and it works so well!! I hardly noticed I was wearing anything under my makeup, and it was just so easy to apply. Generally, applying SPF to my face is my least favorite part of the process, but now I think it is just because I hadn't found an amazing sunscreen for the face yet. This stuff is AWESOME! and Mario Badescu is a genius.

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