Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review- Avon Hydrofirming Eye Cream

Works at night to firm, tone and pamper the delicate skin around the eyes. Super-moisturizing, The perfect complement to Hydrofirming Night Cream. .
Instant results:
• Over 85% increase overall firmness.
• Over 100% boost in skin’s moisture.
On sale- $6.99

You asked for a less expensive eye cream alternative and here it is! This nighttime eye cream is everything dry eye skin needs. This cream can repair peeling skin in just 2-3 nights. It's not so heavy that your eyes feel suffocated, but they do feel very relieved if they are dry. Firmness isn't a big concern of mine, so I can't attest to the firming factor. I use a prescription retinoid on my face and sometimes on my eyes and if I over do it (which I'm prone to do) this takes care of the scales. Plus, look at the price! Even when it's not on sale it's only $10.50. I'm a big fan of Avon. I'm not saying they deliver on all their promises (because they do make some tall ones), but I find their formulations generally stand up to scrutiny. Not only because of the price, but because of the quality, you can't go too wrong with this moisturizing eye cream.

Sheba says:
Hillary, even if the price is only $10.50 I say never buy Avon unless it is on sale as it will go on sale and you will kick yourself for not waiting. Then stock up on it so you will never have to buy it at regular price. This eye cream is all it says but I totally agree with Hillary on this point: that does not mean that all their products deliver exactly what they say. There are many exaggerations- I do not end up looking like the 20 something model who is shown for anti wrinkle creams. I also discovered that Avon, as well as many lines, has many people allergic to something in one of their products. This particular cream does seem to act on its promises. I, myself, am addicted to many of Avon's Anew line also. Again, I never buy unless they are on sale and sometimes the price is even better on Ebay.

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