Sunday, August 24, 2008

Review - Marc Anthony Instantly Thick - Volume Boost Thickening Balm

Thin, flat hair deserves a BOOST. This unique thickening balm with the key ingredient of Phytokeratin, builds volume and fullness when applied to the root area and is heat activated. The lightweight formula lets you use your fingertips to create separation, definition and texture to your style without the heaviness of a wax for an all day hold. Moisture Gloss is added to the formula to provide moisture and enhance shine. $7.99

Yes, I am addicted to all hair products along with make up, etc. If you saw my place, you might think I am in the business. No, it is all my purchases!! This particular line, Marc Anthony, has become one of my many staples. This volume boost actually does add the feel of texture and body to my fine hair. It does not take a lot and while it adds the feel of more volume it actually helps to style my hair easily at the same time. I do notice more shine to my hair as claimed also. All in all, it delivers on its promises. I buy it at local stores for less than the above site and there is no shipping and handling. Many times it will be on sale and I have found it on a BOGO free deals. I have also used a few more products in this line and will review them later. I do think you will be happy with this -- it does not add weight to the hair. Some volumizers do that and it flattens your hair and/or makes it look a bit greasy. NOT the case with Marc Anthony - it leaves your hair with the feel of volume while it still feels light and not weighed down. I really do like the way it works and feels.

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