Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review: Salon Selectives Fh Fresh Hair Freshener

Refresh your hair after a night on the town with Salon Selectives® Fresh Hair Fh Hair Freshener. Infused with apple pectin this natural odor neutralizing spray is specially formulated to: Eliminate odors that cling to your hair (like tobacco smoke and cooking aromas) and leave your hair smelling fresh and fragrant.

Whether you just need to freshen up your hair before going out after all day at the office or wherever, or you smoke or live/work around smokers…this really does the trick without causing my fine hair to go flat or look as though it needs to be washed as some products do.

Sheba says:
Joyce, you are so right about this. It is terrific. I wish I had found it before when smoking was allowed in bars and restaurants around here. Better late than never!! It is like the Febreze of the hair world. It takes all the nasty little odors that just stay with your hair right out. Other products might do that but they bog your hair down and make it look flat or greasy. This leaves your hair looking as fresh as it smells. It actually does what it claims!!

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