Friday, August 29, 2008

Review - Julie Hewett Omit Liner


CitySlicker Says:

I just got my lucky magazine in and saw this coupon code for Julie Hewett.. I have this Omit liner.. It's amazing! I use it for my eyes & lips. It’s not drying on my lips like most eye liners are. Its creamy, stays put, and wears for a long time. It’s the perfect nude liner for those super sheer nude lippies This liner is very versatile. I line the inside of my lower eye, instantly an amazing fresh pop. I also line the upper lash line for a super nude natural look & sometimes I feather the liner over my lid for a clean crisp un made up look. It actually looks like I have nothing on but my lids don’t look dull... I love this liner; I have only a nub left so I am off to score the 25% off while it lasts... I couldn’t be more satisfied with this product!

Sheba says:

I have this pencil and it is everything City Slicker says and more. It is such a useful tool in perfecting your look for the day or evening. It goes on so smoothly compared to other eyeliners I have used. Sometimes they just stick a bit when you are applying -- not the Omit pencil. It just glides along. You can end up with the most natural look after using the pencil to conceal your imperfections and/or line your eyes, and your lips. It will give you such a nice fresh look when in truth you are covering up those areas you want to disguise and lining your eyes and lips with a very natural color. It definitely is one of the best that I have used and I see myself continuing with it. Yes, it is a bit costly and the shipping charges are outrageous. . . but wait for it to go on sale and then buy more than one. I feel that I am saving more that way -- please don't tell me it isn't so.

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