Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review- Nutra Luxe Bio Peptide Complex

Helps combat wrinkles for skin 35 years and older. Helps enhance skin's natural repair process. Repairs fine lines and wrinkles. This revolutionary serum is loaded with bio-peptides, Retinol, Hyaluronic acid and more to make your skin look and feel younger, smoother flawless and perfectly healthy into the future. $128

This serum is chock full of so many ingredients which are proven to be good for your skin I don't know where to start. In addition to the ingredients listed above, it contains idebenone which has the highest rating of all compounds in fighting environmental aging factors. I am not an especially wrinkly 35 year old, so I can't attest to the wrinkle fighting properties of this serum, but I will say I don't remember when my skin has looked this good. At first it didn't dawn on me why my skin was looking better (thick I know) but I had been using the Bio-Peptide Complex for about a week when I realized I didn't need as heavy a moisturizer at night (I use it in the morning). I need an additional light moisturizer with this serum as I have extremely dry skin, but for normal to dry skin you won't need an additional moisturizer which is good because the consistency of the serum makes it the perfect make-up base. It feels a little like Dr. Feelgood by Benefit, but Dr. Feelgood doesn't have Vitamin C, Vitamin E or DMAE like Nutra Luxe Bio-Peptide Complex does. If you can afford it, I highly recommend this serum for keeping your skin in tip-top shape.

Joyce says:
My 50s complexion became noticeably smoother within a few days of using this product. I did what the bottle recommended and didn’t use any other moisturizer (morning and night) so I could give it a good opportunity to prove itself. It did. The only thing I noticed is that when I put it on, I needed to let it rest on my skin before applying any powder or non-powder base. If I gave it about five minutes . . . no problem. I realized how much I was enjoying it when I saw that the bottle is “thisclose” to empty and I wished I could snap my fingers and refill it.

Sheba says:
If you are willing to dig down deep to pay the $128 -- this product is dynamite. My face is a perfect canvas of fine and not so fine lines to watch any improvements on. I can make them disappear by just looking in the mirror without my glasses on - however, that doesn't do the trick for other people looking at me. After using this product for a while - believe me, there are improvements!! I noticed a bit of firming in the skin within days and I actually thought the lines appeared to be a tad less noticeable. Well, as time went on I can now see that my skin is definitely firmer and the lines seem to be much less noticeable. You might say -- sure you want to see those results when you spend that kind of money so you will see them even if they aren't there. Well, I thought that myself until people actually commented that I looked less tired or a little more refreshed or something. A few actually asked what I am doing as my face seems to be more glowing -- they could not put their finger on the exact difference. . . or they may be just too polite to say -- your lines seem to be fading or something. It is nice that people are noticing but that means I will need to keep up the regime or they will notice me slipping back into facial road maps. Maybe I can locate where Nutra Luxe Bio Peptide Complex is conjured up and get a job there so I can dip myself in it every day. Seriously, I am a cheapskate but it is worth a few sacrifices to get these results.

P. S. I cannot believe my eyes -- I just spotted this on EBay for $25.00 and $36.00 plus shipping and handling. (8/16) The $25 is an auction so it will be higher by the time it sells but the others were Buy it now. Why am I telling people who might now bid against me?? Could it be due to the fact I have enough for now and plan on looking again in the near future. I have to share this information-- save a lot of money!!

Maria says:
I wanted to wait a bit before I posted a review b/c the Bio-Peptide Complex contains Idebenone - and that just gave me horrible flashbacks of my experience with Prevage which contains that particular ingredient (I broke out in the worst rash EVER - it was horrible and took days to go away...) so I'm still slowly introducing it - HOWEVER - in the areas that I've been using it, around my mouth and eyes, something really nice seems to happen - there's a firmness there or something I can't quite put my finger on - but it's noticiable...I feel like my foundation goes on a little nicer- a little smoother - I'm going to be brave and try it along my jawline next week and if all goes well, then we have a definite winner (albeit an expensive can-I-really-justfity-spending-this winner). I love that this product is chock full of the good stuff - thereby eliminating additional steps in a routine. I know it says that no additional moisturizer is necessary, but I do find I need to put a little something more on top b/c my skin is very dry.


Phemia said...

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Alex cyril said...

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