Saturday, August 30, 2008

Review - Goldwell Double Boost Rootlift spray

Makes hair feel thicker and stronger-ideal for fine hair
Alcohol free

The other day, while at the hair salon I asked my stylist what her favorite product in the whole place was. This Goldwell Double Boost Rootlift spray was her answer, she had not used it on my hair so I couldn't be sure, but she GAVE me the end of her bottle to try because she loved it so much. It did not dissapoint. I have used this kind of product by different companies and I was never completely satisfied with the end result. My hair would look dirty at the root because of the product. None of the previous issues occurred with Goldwell, I absolutely loved the end result. My hair is bouncy and full of volume, and smells just like when you leave the salon. It doesn't take a lot of skill to use (which is great for me!) because the mousse is very easy to apply and just a touch will create a lot of volume and bounce. The best part, I think, of the whole deal is that it is alcohol free so it doesn't dry out my hair at all. I am absolutely loving this product, my only problem is it is almost gone!!! I will definitely be reordering very soon.

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