Friday, August 22, 2008

Review - Way Out Wax Clean Air Candles

Net weight 7 ounces - burns up to 55 hours

100% soy wax candle blended with a proprietary blend of pure essential and botanical oils guaranteed to neutralize offending odors, not just mask them. Our newest container is a neutral alternative to the cobalt glass...and they look great side by side!

Way Out Wax is one of my favorite all natural companies out there, and there have been reviews before about their awesome all natural soy candles already, but I wanted to specifically mention this new wonderful candle that I just got. It is part of their "Clean Air Collection" my candle is the normal clean air, but if you surf around on their website you can find "Clean Air Pet Collection" in shampoo's candles, and sprays.
The candle itself is beautiful and lasts forever, but it doesn't have a smell. The reason I purchased this specific candle is because I really like burning candles, and of course I want my house to smell fresh, but sometimes I'm not in the mood for the overly perfumy smells most candles (even soy candles) give off. This one leaves really almost no scent, maybe a hint of some kind of herb or something, but it completely refreshes the house. It takes yucky lingering odors from cooking the night before, or from someone's stinky shoes out of the equation. I don't know how it does it, because nothing is in the air from burn off or anything, but I don't question miracles. If your like me and you don't necessarily want a huge scent when you burn a candle, but "unscented" just doesn't do enough give this candle a try, I promise you will be amazed!

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