Sunday, August 10, 2008

Review -Clairol Natural Instincts Loving Care Color

Natural Instincts Loving Care gives you natural-looking, illuminating hair color that leaves even fine or thinning hair looking full. Gently blend away your gray—and get volume that’s hard to resist!
natural-looking, illuminating color to flatter your skin tone
gentle formula with no ammonia or peroxide
subtle gray coverage from a one-step application
now with revitalizing conditioner!

I have used many brands and types of coloring in my hair. I have ruined my hair several times with my experimenting. However, for the last several years I have become addicted to this Loving Care coloring. It is very simple - doesn't take long - and best of all it works. The only problem I discovered from past mistakes is that I have to use an "Ash" in whatever color I select or I will look like a carrot. I have medium to dark brown hair and I must have the most red highlights under the color. If I do not utilize the 'ash' to control the red -- it is a flaming red. . . nothing attractive about it. I thought as I got white hairs -- now I won't have to worry -- the hair is white so I went to a color without the ash-toning. Yikes, the white turned red!! Ok, I give up -- no more fooling around -- only Ash colors for this fiery brown - white head of hair. One nice side effect is that it does add a little texture to the hair -- seems like you have a bit more body. It has no peroxide or bleach so I hope feel pretty comfortable with it and it lasts through several shampoos. The price is very reasonable at you local Walmart or CVS, etc. Also, look for coupons -- they are available. I have discovered some of the best coupons on EBay.

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