Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Review - Monroe Brush "Glamur"

The Finishing Brushed have 100% First Cut boar Bristle. These bristles are softer-more delicate, to be used for finishing. The advantage of this bristle is that it closes the cuticle of each hair strand, and adds extra shine.

I have the Monroe Brush in Glamur which is a wonderful finishing round brush. It is not the one pictured above, but pretty close. This round brush is without a doubt one of the best hair brushes that my hair has ever seen. The bristles are much easier on the locks than plastic, I have not been noticing any tearing or pulling, even with my very long chemically processed hair. The brush really adds shine to my hair. I have been using it everyday, whether I blow dry or not, and my hair looks so soft, shiny and healthy. I cannot rave enough about this brush. It is fantastic and amazing. Though it might cost a little bit more than some brushes, it really is worth it. I'm addicted, I can't imagine not having it, or what I did before. Thank you Monroe!

Joyce says:

Review- Anyone with thin, fine hair such as mine usually learns that the best brush is a natural bristle brush, which prevents damage to the hair. I tried the hourglass-shaped “round” brush for fine to medium processed hair that promises to close hair cuticles and add shine. I followed the directions which say not to wind hair around it as you typically do with round brushes, but to take a section and pull the brush through slowly. At first I thought they had to be crazy; but as I kept doing this, I saw fullness at the crown and a smoother, shinier texture. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised. The teaser brush also made me happy. Anytime I’ve teased sections before, even if I practically shellacked my hair with spray, the lift didn’t last; this is not so for this teaser brush—the effect lasts. And, because the bristles are natural, I’m not seeing any damage at all.

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