Monday, August 4, 2008

Review- Frizz-Ease Curl Around Extra-Strength Formula Hair Serum

Blocks frizz all day* Instantly and dramatically transforms coarse, wiry, unruly frizz for ultra-sleek, purely polished, super-shiny results* A high-potency blend of silicones infused with Aloe and Vitamin E* Leaves dry, defiant hair extremely supple, easy to manage and healthy-looking* Repels humidity to help prevent weather-related frizz*Contains sunscreen @ $10

My fine hair was just not the best candidate to try this (I did try it). So, what does a blogger do? I turned to my friends who have thick, coarse, naturally curly hair to try it for me. The one with loose curls went from dry, brittle-looking hair to gorgeous locks. The one with seriously curly hair, definitely had smoother, shinier ringlets. One thing both agreed on: They had better results if they applied the serum after their hair air-dried. So, curly-haired girls, give this a try so those of us with far less hair than you can be even more envious!

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