Sunday, August 31, 2008

Review - Arbonne Fortifying Hair Mask

A hydrating formula that helps strengthen, condition, repair and revitalize the hair shaft for a lustrous, healthy shine. $30.00
I was reluctant to get overly excited about this, as I kind of think that it’s hard for a company to branch out into all facets of the beauty industry. I had this for a couple of weeks before I used it. It’s like nothing I have ever used. All other hair masks go on and envelop my hair. This is silky, thick and rich when I squeezed it into my palm. When I applied it my hair completely sucked it up. I was afraid that it wasn’t going to work for me. As I rinsed I could feel that my hair was very smooth and tangle free. I combed without a hitch and decided to dry without any products. My hair was soft and shiny with some flyaways but relatively tame. The scent is light floral with a sea like smell. I really enjoy using this and only use once a week. The longer I use it the more I like it! I will re-buy when I run out!

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