Sunday, August 31, 2008

Review - Arbonne Renewing Body Gelee

Renew yourself with the wonderful calming and refreshing properties of this cooling gel that nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes, while it helps restore skin’s surface ionic balance $47.50
This is another product that I got from Arbonne and this by far is the superior one. I have NEVER used a body product like it. In the tub it looks like a typical body cream; when I first touch it feels like a light whipped moisturizer and when I first applied I knew this was something different. It feels velvety soft and absorbs just about instantly leaving not a smidge of oiliness or greasiness behind! My skin instantly feels like a baby’s bottom, super soft and smooth, it’s great all over and the results last. I am totally in love with this product and will re-buy over and over... It’s got a light ocean clean scent that isn’t over powering. I swear one touch and you will be a believer. I have had my container umm maybe 3 weeks and I am at the bottom. Run and check it out!


Stacey Renee said...

(Ok, was that guy's post a "spam" post.. or an advertisement post? Hmmm...)


Ladies of Beautifile!! Thank God! I found a site that I have been looking for! And, I'd love to send y'all reviews... or tell you about items that I do or do not like. But, most of all I am excited to browse your site and look for products I've been wondering about! Y'all have a wonderful thing here!! Keep it up!

(oh! If you like Nicel, check out You can order those items there... But, I'm sure y'all knew that!)

Thanks for all you do!


body care lotion said...

Hey guys!
i just started blogging not that long ago and running across this blog it seemed a bit too interesting to only read the first paragraph. I kinda got confused in the middle of it but the end just made it all go together like a puzzle. Please, who ever wrote this, keep me updated!

Michael Smith said...

Can Body Gelee be used on the face?