Saturday, July 26, 2008

Review- Breath Palette Toothpaste

Experience the flavor. Enjoy the menthol finish. 18 flavors leave your mouth clean and fresh.

I love exotic toothpaste! My usual toothpaste is orange flavored, so when I got the opportunity to try Breath Palette, I was psyched. I'm currently using flavor #4- Freshness Yogurt. Yes, it really tastes like yogurt (which I love)! It starts out as pure yogurt flavor, then turns into a minty fresh flavor, but the flavors never clash. I would have never guessed you could mix yogurt and mint, but they work very well together. Although the tube is much smaller than a regular tube of toothpaste, don't be stingy. You don't get the full taste if you use it sparingly as I originally did. Coming soon- my review of the Strawberry!

I've tried the Strawberry Breath Palette toothpaste and I have to say I prefer the Freshness Yogurt. Although the strawberry is good, the strawberry flavor doesn't last long before the mint kicks in (not as long as the yogurt anyway). It does however taste like strawberry for about 10 seconds, then it switches to mint. Let's put it this way, I would have thought the strawberry was cool had I not tried the yogurt first.

Movie Maven says:

As a kid, I actually used strawberry toothpaste regularly (I lived in England...they are weirdos about dental hygiene), so I was stoked to try this toothpaste in the grape flavor. The flavor starts out very light and tastes like grape bubble gum, and sort of morphs into a minty-ish flavor. I'll agree with Hillary that you definitely need to be generous when loading up your brush; even when you do, this paste doesn't get as foamy as my normal one, which makes me feel like I'm not getting my mouth as clean as I could be. My roommate (who joined me in our small, small bathroom to try it out) said she felt like she needed to brush her teeth again to feel clean. Since it's relatively expensive, and not terribly effective in terms of minty-freshness, I'd recommend this little tube as a novelty item or gift (it comes in a bunch of insane flavors, like Pumpkin Pudding and Cola), but not as actual, regular-day toothpaste.

Amanda S. Says:

Wow, I didn't know what to expect when I tried these two toothpastes. The first was sweet salt and I LOVE IT! It really has a nice salty edge to it (not too much though) and leaves a super clean aftertaste. I also tried japanese plum which was really cool and delicious tasting. I thought my breath wouldn't feel fresh after using it, but it really does, maybe not in a minty way that standard toothpastes do, but it reminds me of Dentie toothpaste which is made organically out of charred eggplants. It leaves your mouth clean and kills way more bacteria than standard ADA approved pastes. It would take some getting used to for a lot of people, but it's fun to use!

Sheba says:

I enjoy my 'Japanese Plum' toothpaste and like the scent it leaves on my breath. My teeth and gums feel very clean when I finish. To be quite honest I was not sure how I would like it as I really don't care for plums -- what a very pleasant surprise I was in for. However, I have a mouth full of fillings and dental work that I cannot just leave to chance. I have to use my fluoride toothpaste as well. So I use that first and let it do its job and then follow it in a while with the Breath Palette to leave me with the different refreshing breath. Brushing twice each time cannot cause any harm and this way I ensure my teeth get their daily doses of fluoride. I am hoping this double cleaning each time might actually pay off at the dentist for my next visit. It certainly cannot hurt. I like the difference in my breath with this unique toothpaste. I had been using different fluoride flavors such as the orange and the vanilla mint but this is more exotic and I like that.

CitySlicker Says:

I have the Grape Breath Palette and I agree with Movie Maven that is reminiscent of grape bubble gum. I think it’s a new innovative approach to brushing your pearly whites but if I am to be completely honest, I didn’t think it left me with the same kind of fresh breath that mint flavored toothpaste does. If you are looking to try something different and can deviate from the norm then this is for you. My teeth were clean feeling but this is just not something I could get used to, I followed up with my regular toothpaste after using. I am just old school, I guess!

Joyce says:

Japanese Plum as a toothpaste flavor is, understandably, something of an odd concept in our mint-flavored culture. We feel if our mouths smell minty (and you know how many commercials there are trying to influence us about this), this is a good thing. What I noticed was that this toothpaste does what it says . . . not by artificially and temporarily making my breath have a certain smell, but by cleaning it so it has no odor or scent. That’s what I like about this product and why it’s the one I grab when I want my mouth to feel and smell fresh. I also noticed that when I use it at night, I don’t wake with “funk-mouth.”

Deedlejuse says:

This toothpaste is definitely a fun novelty. I have the grape flavor as well and even though I'm not a fan of artificial grape I really liked the taste. It does turn minty after a bit, which is sort of a relief. Basically I liked it, it felt European and cool, but I probably won't make a habit of it. I just felt like my mouth wasn't quite clean enough afterwards. It will be in everybody's stocking for Christmas though , Bitter Chocolate? I mean really. Too cool, I'm lovin' it!

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