Sunday, July 20, 2008

Review- Lord and Berry Raincoat Mascara

Raincoat is a quick-drying mascara infused with nourishing active ingredients. LXB complex, to keep eyelashes soft and moisturized and nylon which creates a volumizing yet flexible shield of intense black color that is also 100% waterproof.

One of the perks of writing for this blog is that I basically never have to buy many of the basic items in my makeup bag - mascara being one of my Top Five Desert Island Products.* However, when such time arrives as I do need to start buying my own products again, I think I've found my mascara of choice in Lord & Berry's Raincoat Waterproof Mascara. I honestly can't say enough good things about it. Whatever "nourishing active ingredients" went into this thing are doing awesome work. Case in point: one of my biggest pet peeves about mascara is the "tarantula eyes" phenomenon that occurs with clumping, overly thick mascara. It just looks bad, y'all. But praise the lord and hallelujah, the Raincoat mascara avoids that issue completely. It goes on in a thin layer, but don't think that means you won't get an amazing look. Basically, I look like I'm wearing fake lashes, but not in a draggy way. My lashes are lush, but natural. And yes, it's totally waterproof (thank you, sudden summer storm, for the unexpected experiment). It might be more expensive than your drugstore brands, but I'm willing to pony up a little extra to look awesome.

*see: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby for an explanation of "Top Five Desert Island ____"

Joyce says:

Love at First Flick! This mascara goes on like a feathery dream, really lengthens and lightly curls, and stays on as it promises to. I haven’t experienced any flaking or melting. When I use non-waterproof mascara, I never put it on my lower lashes because it always smudges in summer. Using this one, I get to really emphasize my lashes. I love that summer heat and humidity can be dealt with properly when it comes to keeping my eyes a focal point.

Amanda S. Says:

OK, confession: I'm a mascara snob. I have to have perfect mascara. I rub my eyes, can't seem to get it to wash off right, it smudges all over me, and it gives me panda / raccoon eyes half the time. I have very light colored blue eyes, and I like to have subtle eye make up as to not over-extend my eyes weirdness and intensity. Super long clumpy lashes do the opposite of this. I am so picky about mascara I have been known to ask friends in other countries to send me brands I can't find here. Now... with Raincoat, I found a friend. I wore it all day yesterday, rubbed the heck out of my eyes, and didn't have flakes or smudges stuck all over my eyes and face. It also washed off with plain old almond oil on a cotton ball, and by that I mean, it *all* came off. And it's cheap! Yes, it's only about $15 compared to the $25+ I sometimes embarrassingly find myself dropping on imperfect mascara. I am definitely going to use this tube up.

Deedlejuse says:

Like Amanda S. I am particular with my mascara. I also rub, alot. It takes mere hours for me to look like a raccoon with many, many mascaras. A lot of the brands I have tried, as Amanda S. said, are not cheap and only get one use. For this reason I use one kind of mascara, and never venture into unfamiliar territory. Once used free samples from gift sets and presents from friends fill my bathroom cabinet, none making me feel the need or desire to use them again. And then I get this Raincoat Mascara from Lord & Berry. I tried it, of course, because thats what I'm supposed to do, and honestly I have found my new "THE ONE" mascara. My lashes are soft and feathery, but very full looking, a little bit curly and absolutely beautiful with two strokes of the wand. The problem with my other favorite is it takes a long time to dry, and leaves HUGE lines when you accidentally blink before the mascara has had it's one full minute. Not the case with Raincoat, it is dry the instant after you apply, amazing. AND it lasts through the day and night! 11 hours at work, and it was fine by the time I got home. I was intrigued, so the ultimate test? I wore it to the beach the other day, it not only didn't run all over my face after swimming for a couple of hours but it actually looked good. Yeah, I'm sold.

Maria says:

What IS it about mascara that I can never, ever, pass one up? If it's new, I'm on it. If it's praised, I'm on it. If it's on a front aisle in a store, I'm on it....I have tried virtually every company that's ever put out a mascara, no word of a lie....curly wand, straight wand, humungo wand, teeny wand, volumizing, lengthening, tubing, waterproof, water resistent - okay, have I made myself clear here? When I saw this mascara I was naturally all excited b/c I had never heard of it before. Yes, Maria needs to get a life. But cha know what? It's a t-riffic mascara. It's glossy, but not if you blink you'll be covered in mascara glossy - it dries quickly - but your lashes still look glossy - NOT clumpy or dry or brittle or TammyFae-esque. You get nice feathery un-weighed down lashes. The biggest test was the bottom lashes - I usually use a popular tube-brand mascara for bottom lashes because no matter what - I get raccoon eyes. Well, not only did I not get raccoon eyes, but it also gave better definition than the tube brand. I wear contact lenses, so I usually try to stay away from waterproof, but this also came off pretty readily with my DHC Olive Oil cleanser. No tugging or anything. Very nicely played, Lord and Berry. Very nice indeed.

CitySlicker Says:

If you like long thick black lashes this is for you. It goes on very wet to me but does dry quickly. I don’t usually apply to my lower lashes but I did wear this on the top and bottom, my one and only problem is I found the brush applicator to be very long, I did get a smudge on my face from the tip of the brush, just thought I would mention it. It also could be my technique too. My lashes got long, were separated with no clumping action and the mascara wears throughout the day with no flaking. I will be wearing to the tube runs dry... I wanted to mention I wear contacts and it wears well for me not irritation. Oh, yes I had to use eye makeup remover to get this completely off, it’s a very deep black. I found that with my normal cleanser alone it left some remains.

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