Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review - Monroe Margaux Brush (Petite)

THE MARGAUX BRUSH is built with the highest quality 100% natural bristles with a nylon quill to stimulate the scalp's blood flow. The boar bristles have a unique quality that allows them to distribute the oils through the hair strands, to give the hair that most desired shine.

I don't often brush my hair. At all, really. Partially because it's fairly short (right now sort of a chin-length bob), and partially because I'm very lazy. However, I know you're supposed to brush your hair to make it shiny, so when I got this little Margaux brush from Monroe brushes, I figured I should give it the old college try. The brush feels nice when the nylon quills actually reach my scalp, but the weird thing is: they didn't always get all the way down in there. If the whole purpose of the nylon quills is to "stimulate the scalp's blood flow," then shouldn't they actually touch the scalp? I seriously do not have that much hair, folks. The bristles should get down in there.

The boar bristles, however, did what they were intended to do, which is distribute scalp oils through the strands. As an oily-haired girl, I found that the best time to do this was not at the beginning of the day, since by the end of the day, the natural oils would leave my hair looking greasy, but rather right before I showered and washed my hair. The oils protected it and made it come out looking softer and shinier. Weird, but it works!

The other use I found for this brush is smoothing over styled hair, such as a teased bouffant look (yes, I rock vintage hair as well as vintage clothing). Give the hair a once-over with this brush before spraying it, and it will be smoother and neater.

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