Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Review - Priti Nail Polish

Priti nail varnishes are formaldehyde, toulene and dbp free and the varnish remover is made from soy making them safe for all of our priti princesses and expecting goddesses...

I'm lucky to live in New York City. I get to go to all sorts of cool stores and spas on top of everything else the city has to offer. Recently, my boyfriend got me a gift certificate for Priti Spa and I had an amazing time there. They're so thorough. Anyone in the city, I recommend you give them a shot. They took two hours to do my manicure and pedicure, and soaked my feet and hands in an organic mix of flower oils, petals and water. It was dreamy and my hands and feet have absolutely NEVER looked better. They give you tea, everyone there is nice. The best part was the polish, not only was it non-toxic like other polishes, but it lasted over THREE WEEKS on my nails without a single chip, I was absolutely amazed considering the amount of use my hands and feet get doing yoga, painting, and writing all day at work. They have a great array of colors, and a bottle is about $12-13 a bottle. But the stuff stays on forever and is well worth the extra cost if you hate doing your nails over every few days because they're all chipped and awful. When I realized they sell this great polish online I had to post about it to let everyone know.

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