Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Review- Nubar Skin Essentials Hand and Body Lotion

Rich with moisturizing, cell regenerating shea butter, antioxidants, essential oils, vitamin A, vitamin C and the healing power of vitamin E. All nubar lotions contain essential oils, vitamins A, Vitamin E and are NON-Paraben. Research into Parabens have found them to be carcinogenic. $4.99 for 2 oz., $10.99 for 8 oz.

So let me get this straight, now lotions are carcinogenic? Well not this one. Right on the heels of discovering that lots of nail polish contained cancer-causing agents, I read this. If you use a lot of lotion, it would be in your body's best interest to buy some Nubar Skin Essentials Hand and Body Lotion. The Hypnotic scent is deliciously fruity and citrusy. And the lotion glides on like a dream. The directions say use a generous amount (don't all directions say that?) but I've found that a little goes a long way. It's a very silky, emollient-rich lotion. Vitamins A & E are great Environmental Protection Factors, something I look for in all my creams and lotions.

Joyce says:

This lotion has shea butter and antioxidants A & E in it. Emotional Balance is the aromatherapy scent I’m using. It has citrus, primarily pink grapefruit to my nose, as its fragrance. I recently read that you can make people think you’re 10 years younger if you wear grapefruit as a scent. I don’t know about that; but I know when I use it, two things happen: there’s a big “Wow! Yum!” factor and it makes my skin feel the way I always hope a lotion will make it feel (but doesn’t always happen). It’s on my desk and is used often during the day, especially if I need a pick-me-up.

Amanda S. Says: I love this lotion, it has such a cute smell and is so relaxing. Like Joyce, I keep this at my desk right here, next to my computer, and put it on when my skin feels dry or even when I just need a little distraction. I too, was totally unaware that lotion could cause cancer, this stuns me and at the same time, I wouldn't put it past some shady ingredients to be unhealthy. So I'm glad to know using this stuff is safe!

Maria says: Sheesh, what isn't carcinogenic these days? This is a yummy citrusy smelling lotion that is perfect for those warm summer days and romantic nights. I like the fact that it's not sticky and is nice and emollient. Chock full of good ingredients just completes the picture. I like to use it right out of the shower to lock in the moisture - and what's this that Joyce is saying about Grapefruit Scent making people think you are 10 years younger? Sounds good to me!!!!

Sheba says:

Too much information can be harmful to a cosmetic junkie!!! I am so sorry to hear that some creams can actually be dangerous -- but how much would you need to use for the bad effects? There are so many things to worry about without scaring people who are addicted to these products. At any rate I can use this product to my hearts content without any fear and that is good as I intend to use it a lot!! I am a complete 'citrus freak' -- cannot get enough of the scent. This one is just heavenly and to know now that I might actually appear to be 10 years younger when using a grapefruit scent only makes it better. See, I do listen to the good news. I might actually run out and buy every grapefruit product there is. Seriousy, I do believe I read that also. It is such a great scent to use as it it clean and fresh and so enjoyable. As Hillary or someone mentioned do NOT pay attention to the directions to be generous. You do not need a lot to get the full wonderful creamy effects. I use just a little dab and it is absorbed relatively quickly and starts working immediately. My skin loves the soft and silky feel. It is a definite plus for your hands and body - you will feel the difference and the fragrance is an added bonus.

CitySlicker Says:

I love a light moisturizer and I think this fits the bill. I use it after showering, it’s got lovely light scent that isn’t to perfumy or overbearing. I love anything with a citrus scent and this is no exception, it’s got just enough crispness with a touch of sweet. I can get dressed soon after application and it not greasy. It absorbs and really holds in the moisture. Nice price and good results!

Movie Maven says:
Hear, hear to everyone else! I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks "Emotional Balance" is a hilarious name for a lotion, but...isn't it, though? That's not to say that the fragrance isn't lovely - it is indeed! I did find the scent to be a little more intense than I normally like, but I tend to favor the very subtle myself. As for the non-carcinogenic ingredients...parabens (the supposed "cancer agents" that Nubar lotions make a point NOT to contain) have long been (safely) used as preservatives in lotions and other cosmetics, and you'd have to put on a LOT of paraben-containing lotion for it to affect you. Like, gallons a day. It's probably the same amount of Diet Coke you'd have to drink to get cancer from it (which, again, is, like, A LOT). In any event, it's great that this lotion is paraben-free, but honestly, I wouldn't worry too much. However, if you're an alarmist, this lotion is for you.

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