Friday, July 25, 2008

Review- Three Custom Color Specialists Light Brights Lipstick

As unparalleled experts in the makeup industry, the former Club Kids transformed these outrageously bright colors into the Light Brights Collection - modern, playful and sheer moisturizing stains for the lips. All four of the shades are great for all skin tones and have names that evoke the nightlife of a totally awesome decade.

This collection consists of four colors of 80's inspired day-glo named after NYC nightclubs of that era. I have Palladium, a bright magenta color. I initially thought this would strictly be a "try" lipstick as I didn't see myself wearing it out, but when I put it on, I really liked what I saw. I'm not much of a pink girl but this goes on very sheer and wearable. It looks daunting in the tube, but it's much more natural on and complements my pale skin well. The consistency has got me interested in trying other Three Custom Color Specialists lipsticks as it is very moisturizing and doesn't cake up on my always dry lips. I'm not saying these brights are for everyone, but if you're feeling a little adventurous, these are worth a look.

CitySlicker Says:

When I saw Limelight in the pot, my thoughts ran back to the 80’s videos. Limelight is a shockingly bright fuchsia color. I was thinking “No way, Jose”. I looked at it in the pot for a few days before I actually applied. My initial thought was it feels more like a lip balm going on. It’s smooth and rolls over my lips. It’s completely comfortable and feels like I am wearing nothing. I was stunned at the look on my lips: it’s shiny but not overly shiny – a nice light gloss without the tackiness & the color actually transforms it’s a bright flushed pink on me. I think this is a great summer color too.The color stains my lips a little too so after eating it’s not completely washed away. I still show color. I swear my lips feel healthier since wearing to. I think giving them a break from my usual sticky gloss is a good thing. This is an amazing fun line.

Movie Maven says:

My reaction was similar to the other reviewers' when I first saw this bright lipstick in Area (that would be the electric tangerine color you see above): I thought, "someone has lost their mind." It's so bright and sort of terrifying in the package. But like the other reviewers, I was pleasantly surprised - more like shocked - when I put it on. It's not really lipstick in the sense that I normally think of it, but falls somewhere between a lipstick, a lip stain, and a lip gloss. It's really the best of all possible worlds. On me, it just sort of punched up the natural pinkness of my lips, without making me look clownish, which is always my fear when I wear bright lipsticks (though I love the idea of them). In short, don't be scared of these neon hues - they really are super-wearable on your lips, and they feel great, too!

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