Friday, July 18, 2008

Review - Burt's Bees Hair Care Kit

This Hair Care Kit includes a full-size Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment, shower cap, a detangling comb & instruction card outlining five simple steps for happy healthy hair!

One Christmas, years ago, I was given this Hair Care Kit by Burt's Bees. Thus began my love affair with Burt's Bees products in general, but this kit specifically has a very tender place in my heart. It comes with an informational guide to easy hair-care naturally. The pointers and tips are great for everyone though: only wash once every other day, always comb with a thick tooth comb when your hair is wet, and etc. You might not need the pointers, but think of your younger friends..... The Avocado Treatment works wonders on my hair at least, I have re-purchased many times since my original tube. I have very dry chemically processed hair so I love every drop of moisture I can get into my hair, pure avocado oil? Yes please! The shower cap is a little dorky, I'm not gonna lie I don't think I ever used it, and yes those are Burt's signature Bees covering the entire thing. The best part of the whole kit, though, is the comb. I would actually buy the kit and toss all of the other stuff just to get comb back if I lost mine, seriously. I have had it for almost five years, who can boast that type of longevity for any hair-care utensil? It is shaped perfectly to fit in your hand, the teeth are the perfect width apart, it doesn't snag or tear your hair no matter how tangly it has become. It is a staple to my daily routine, and I assure you for any of you with longer than shoulder width hair you will thank me if you get one. I promise.

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Willie said...

I've never used Burt's Bees products before but I just might try it. I also have dry hair from years of dyeing my hair. I also only use a wide toothed comb and never a brush.