Sunday, July 13, 2008

Review - Chi Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Glaze

Olive Nutrient Glaze nourishing formula with Certified Organic Essential oils, Natural oils and a special blend of extracts delivers soft control hold for your light to medium styling and dressing. This rich fluid glaze will supply incredible body, volume and support while leaving hair touchable and with utmost in shine

I admit, I tested this stuff out on my boyfriend's hair before my own, because his is short and he uses glazes and waxes on his hair. I was afraid it would leave my hair stiff, flat and 'crunchy' or something, I wanted to use him as my guinea pig to see how it'd turn out in my own hair once I saw it in his. Turns out, it only feels stiff when it's on wet hair, but once it dried, his hair was really soft, and held it's style without looking 'frozen' or over-gelled. So then I took the plunge and tried it myself. I put a dime sized amount on my palms, rubbed them together and rubbed it through my hair starting on the top layer and working it underneath. After it dried, it seemed 'as usual', then I ironed by hair with my trusty ceramic straightening iron and took off for the day. It was exceptionally humid, I believe it was almost 85% humidity outside. Usually in that sort of brutal weather I inevitably get some fuzzies along my hairline and around my part no matter how well the iron works, but to my amazement there was no fuzz. And on top of that all, it stayed put and helped keep my growing out bangs out of my face without looking slicked or weird. I really like this stuff and it comes in a giant bottle too that seems like it will last forever.

CitySlicker Says:
I have to admit that after reading Amanda’s review my review is quite similar... I have shoulder length color treated hair that is fine. I always use product for manageability and volume... I also want to mention that I have straight hair and use an iron to keep it that way. I have used this everyday this week and have found that I am loving it... I have been using the glaze and a little finishing spray... It really adds a lot of shine and makes my hair appear healthier than normal... The scent is lovely, it’s a citrus scent that initially scared me, I was thinking it was going to dry out my hair, not the case at all. I do notice that my hair is holding the style throughout the day. I think based upon the generous size this is a definite for doo junkies, I will be 100 before I could use all this up... I apply about a dime sized squirt... Also my hair doesn’t feel weighed down or like there is any product in it... It washes out completely too!


Anonymous said...

Where can you find this? the site seemed to indicate Ulta but they do not have it? Thanks

Hillary said...

I suggest you use the search function of salons and then call the salon. This is a relatively new product, so although Ulta may be carrying it in-store, they don't have it online yet. HTH.