Friday, July 18, 2008

Review- Nixie Natural Cleansing & Make-up Remover Cloths

All-in-one face, eye, and lip makeup remover towelettes are 100% oil-free and saturated with a soothing blend of vitamin extracts. Even the most stubborn makeup glides off easily, leaving your face feeling clean and extremely soft without a greasy residue. $9

I feel like I've been having really good luck with the products I've been testing lately. In recent weeks I haven't hit on any duds. These wipes are no exception. They do a wonderful job of removing make-up and dirt and leave your face clean but not at all tight. I usually use Comodynes pre- moistened cloths at night to get my make-up off. When I got the Nixie wipes they said they are natural. There are a few ingredients in them that I question their naturalness, but when you compare them with Comodynes there are like 15 less unpronouncable chemicals in the nixie product. Also they don't sting your eyes when you remove your eye make-up. They leave no residue which is very uncommon in the world of pre-moistened face cleansing towels. They also have very little fragrance (which is more than can be said for Comodynes). The price is a little more than I usually pay, but I'm considering switching due to all the natural ingredients in these wipes like aloe, cucumber, ginseng and vitamin e. These are a definite must for woman with no time on her hands.

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