Monday, July 28, 2008

Review- Frizz-Ease Curl Around Style-Starting Daily Conditioner

Developed for wavy, curly, frizz-prone hair *Reawakens, energizes and defines your natural curl patterns for soft, smooth curls with lasting curl definition *Specially developed with a curl-enhancing complex, hydrating conditioners and frizz-fighting silicone *Resists frizz in any weather *Curls look silky-smooth and glossy from root to tip *Gentle enough for everyday use *Safe for color-treated hair

Please see my review of the shampoo that goes with this conditioner. I never tried one without the other; and they work so well together, why mess with a good thing. My hair is wavy, but curls when the humidity rises. You'll see that I put this shampoo and conditioner to an extreme test (I didn't mention it in the shampoo review, but I don't have A/C--so I really tested them in an "extreme" situation). Another thing I'm doing now that I want to share with you (if you don't already do this) is 1) Make sure you thoroughly rinse out any shampoo so the conditioner can work properly 2) I rinse conditioner out with cool-cold water (comfortable) and count to sixty to make sure I get it all out. This helps to close the hair cuticle, as well.

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