Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review - Skinn by Dimitri James - 3 Minute Lip Party Rapid Volumizing Mask

A super intense 3 minute lip plumping-line smoothing mask treatment for the lips. The results are instant and last for hours. Now you can dramatically reduce the appearance of thinning, aging lips in just 3 minutes. $17.00

This lip plumper goes on like a balm, it’s smooth and soft. It got a light mixed berry scent with no taste what so ever... I put it on in the am after the makeup regimen then about 45 seconds into it the tingle and burn starts, it reminds me of a hot pepper the deep fire. It’s not uncomfortable but if your lips are sensitive then I would opt out of trying. My lips don’t look like Angelina’s after use but I can see a bee stung plump to them, I think the best benefit is lipstick goes my lips and looks smoother and doesn’t settle into any of my lip lines. For a mere $17 clams you could put a tiny bit on daily and this will last a LONG time. I am only using once in the am and feel the sensation for about 20 minutes and I would guestimate that the results last through lunch...

Sheba says:
Thank you City Slicker. I knew I got some type of berry smell but I couldn't put my finger on it. It is a mixed berry which is very fresh and pleasant. It suggests you put a generous amount on. I did and waited the 3 minutes as suggested before wiping it off. There was a bit of tingling but not enough to hurt or anything. I also did not see Angelina's lips when I looked. They did appear a little fuller and because of the fullness some of the lines seemed to be filled in a bit. Maybe I did not get maximum results as that is as far as I went with the Skinn products. They suggest that you next use the Lip 3X Volumizing Serum. Hey, that seems like it might just be an important factor that I missed. Perhaps I would be smart to get my hands on some of that so that I could give an accurate review. For the record, even without using the Lip 3X Volumizing Serum I was pretty happy with the results. After my first couple of uses I started using a little less than the generous amount suggested and I got the same results. So now I know it will last a bit longer. . . and that is something I can pout about!! My lips are in the pout position because it does work.

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