Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Review - Monroe Glamour Brush for Straight Finish / Processed Hair

100% Boar Bristle First Cut. This is the part of the boar bristle that provides shine and closes the cuticle of the hair. The bristles are perfectly perpendicular to the barrel to create a straight finish.

I'm kind of a hairbrush idiot. I've just been using the same 'air' type plastic conair brand brush I've bought at the local Duane Reades since I can remember (or Kmarts... or CVS's...) and blown my hair out as best as I could. I also straight iron my hair, which tends to curl out in unattractive ways when I don't beat it into submission. Little did I know that the quality of the brush you use could make such a difference. I always wondered why the flyaway fuzzies of my hair always smoothed out so much after having it professionally blown out. Well, now I know. This brush may seem a bit pricey (around $25?) but it is iron solid and I imagine will last forever. The Boar Bristles apparently lay flat all the unruly cuticles of each hair as you dry it which leaves hair much smoother and shinier than with a regular run of the mill brush. I tried it out after taking last night's shower, and decided to blow dry without using my ceramic iron, and my hair was soft and shinier than ever, even WITHOUT leave in conditioner... and it stayed nice and straight the way I wanted it, layers and all.

My one recommendation with blowing out your hair with these types of brushes is to not start when your hair is completely wet. Wait until it's about 20-30% dry before you start blow drying, which will decrease the possibility of breakage and other hair damage.

Amanda S. has more to say: So... I got another brush from Monroe. This time it was the ceramic brush for medium to coarse/very curly hair. I normally just use an average brush and use a ceramic iron to straighten my hair, but decided to give this brush a try the other night to see how it would hold up with a hair drying blowout instead of the iron. My hair wasn't fried or frizzy at all, it was smooth like using an iron and I could tell it was less damaging. Although I'm addicted to the iron, I will definitely alternate the two to give my hair a break. It's a great brush!

CitySlicker Says:
Totally based upon Amanda’s review I made sure to wait for my doo to somewhat dry before I even attempted to blow out my doo. Thanks for the tip! I have fine shoulder length hair that I blow out daily unless I am feeling lazy and put it up. When I dry it, I dry in sections, it’s easier for me and worked well with the brush I received. I got the Monroe Latina Envy brush which is designed for medium to coarse hair which I have neither... I can attest to the flexibility of the line. I have been using and getting great results. My brush is constructed with natural and longer synthetic bristles... The synthetic bristles are really hard and if I brush too hard it hurts my scalps so I avoid that! This brush grips my hair like no other, it provides such hold that I can dry each section with ease. My hair never strays off the brush now. When a section is dry it’s smooth, no frizz and straight... If there was no humidity I wouldn’t have to use an iron either. I will continue to use and think this brush is comfortable to use and style with... I can only imagine what this will do for people with coarse hair! AMAZING!

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