Saturday, July 12, 2008

Review- Smashbox Wicked Lovely Lip Pencil

This lip pencil fills all my criteria for a great lip pencil: it's hard enough without being crumbly, it's soft enough to glide across my lips and it keeps the matching gloss in place, which is no easy feat on my lips. My lip pencil is in a dark purple called "Tempt" which matches perfectly with my lipgloss in "Sultry". I know what you're thinking- isn't dark purple lipliner a bit Goth? While I can't deny any Goth would be thrilled to get their hands on this pencil, I find it utterly wearable and like I said in the review of the gloss, my skin is so white that Goth kids put on make-up to look like me (it's my fresh-from-the-crypt complexion don't you know). Like I said with the matching lipgloss, when you see this pencil in stores in the fall, give the duo a test run. You'll be surprised.

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