Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review- Nixie Mineral Eye Shadow

Infused with Italian cashmere talc to provide a silky, luxurious feel. Our long-lasting shadows are designed to glide on evenly and smoothly with superb blendability. There are over 200 shades that range from translucent highlights to subtle mattes with rich satiny texture.

This could very well be the most heavily pigmented eyeshadow I have ever used. I'm in love. My colors are Saffron which is a bright canary yellow and Desert, a rich chocolate brown. The colors are very similar to the colors I saw on the monitor (of course monitors vary). These shadows passed the ultimate test yesterday. I was at the eye doctor & he put drops in my eyes that stung. Of course my eyes started watering & my mascara and eyeliner ran, but even after wiping my eyes profusely the Nixie shadow stayed in place. I didn't even have to re-apply. The shadows are broken down into 4 categories: Matte, Matte/Suede with metallic flakes, Suede with some shimmer and Ultra Suede with intense shimmer. I will definitely be buying more shades of this eyeshadow as I haven't seen it's equal. And with 200+ shades, I'll never be bored!

Deedlejuse says:
I completely agree with Hillary, this is one of the absolute best eyeshadows I have found. I am a shimmer person: some people don't like to shine, I am not that person. Most of the make-up that I like best, and use most often tend to be shades with ultimate shine and shimmer in mind. Generally, I love eyeshadow with glitter in it, like Hard Candy or Urban Decay, but this eyeshadow might be a turning point in my eyeshadow world. I have the Ultra Suede type in two colors: Champagne, the absolute (for me) perfect off white/pink shade, this one is just so wearable, and Junior a rockin '80 baby blue- LOVE IT! The best part of this eyeshadow is that you can really control the look you are going for, one swipe is just enough for everyday and you can increase the intensity easily with layering. As Hillary mentioned above it really stays put. I tend to rub my eyes without thinking about it, which takes many mascaras out of the picture, and almost no shadows live throughout the whole day. This eyeshadow was still going strong at 10pm when I was ready to wash up for the night, needless to say I was shocked. Try it, you'll love it, I am an instant believer!

CitySlicker Says:
I have this in 2 shades also. I got Celebrity a perfect highlighting shade; it looks like a silvery, platinum & Harlow a very neutral shimmery muted taupe. I have been wearing them together. I sweep the Harlow over my lid and it really brings out the green in my hazel eyes then add a light swipe of Celebrity at my brow bone. If I make one comparison to the Nixie line I have to say they are very similar to MAC. The pigment is deep and the colors rich. I found that when I initially swept my brush over the shadows it releases a bit more than other shadows, it seems that once you pick up some shadow the finish is broken and the product is very soft. I won’t travel with these, I think they may be volatile and easily break. So now when I use I am not heavy handed. I think these do stay on but I did notice some fading throughout the day mostly on my lid. Overall, I really like this line and love the shades I got. They are FAB!

Sheba says:
Me four!! These eye shadows are some of the best I have ever used. The 'Everglade' is just absolutely perfect with hazel eyes although I can see it with almost any eye color. However, it enhances the hazel and really shows the eyes off. As mentioned by everyone the pigment is so deep. It works whether you use the one coat for the day or layer for the evening as Deedlejuse suggested. I have used that type of application for many shadows. I like to use this one on my lid and then just a tiny, tiny little bit for a highlighter at night. If it appears too dark for a highlight I just touch it with a tissue to take a little off. Sometimes I will dab the brush into a true highlight color and then into this. That gives me the lightest shade I can get of this to use as a highlighter. My other color, 'Starlight' is so alluring on. I wasn't really sure about the dark blue but it really does make my hazel eyes pop and it seems to actually give them some blue highlights. I love it. I am so happy with both of these that I know I will not be happy until I own some more. They do stay on my eyes very well. I might have to take a tissue and just brush the crease as some of the shadow does settle in there and I am used to that -- I think it is my application method. Who is Nixie and where have they been all my life? Their products are incredible and they are not too expensive. You definitely get your money's worth.

Amanda S. Says: Oh well, my two cents anyway! Even though I agree with everyone, this stuff goes on GREAT! I didn't have to reapply and the pigments are so true to what they appear in the compact and they go on so strong (but not overbearing, don't confuse the two). I would really recommend these for people that are disappointed by faded/untrue eye colors.

Joyce says:

Review- I used Everglade (deep moss green) & Starlight (earthy midnight blue). My hazel (gold) eyes really pop when I wear both. I don’t use these as eye shadows, though; I use them as eyeliners. With a small, thin-bristled brush, I put Starlight at my upper eyelid lash line and do the same on the lower with Everglade. I also put a dab of Everglade right over my iris on the upper lid. Pop! goes my eye color. If I need to make the line softer, I gently soften it with the edge of a cosmetic sponge. I’ve not only used them in the morning and found them still on at bedtime, I’ve left them on and wake with my “look” still on, just a bit softer. Hey, French women do this all the time to look made and unmade when they wake. Mais, ouis!

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