Thursday, June 5, 2008

Review - Fragonard Eau de Toilette

Fragonard is a radiant floral fragrance, a delicate bouquet of white flowers – jasmine, lily and honeysuckle – flourishing against a mellow background of amber and bergamot. The very essence of femininity and Fragonard classic.
100 ml refillable spray-$ 34.00
200 ml refillable spray$ 50.00

This is the first scent I have tried from a package of their different perfumes. I think it is very feminine and sophisticated. The fragrance is delicate and soft. It lasts through the day or evening. It is not overpowering or heavy as a lot of perfumes can be. I am a person who loves many perfumes and colognes and I cannot tell you what 'type' I like except to say I do not care for heavy or overpowering ones. I found the mix of the flower scents to be very light and airy. It envelops you in its beautiful fragrance and if you love the flowers in the ingredients you cannot go wrong. The price is just about what you expect for a very nice French perfume. Also, you barely need a few drops so you will have it for a while.

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