Monday, April 26, 2010

Review- Beauty Through Balance Acai Power Repair Moisturizer

Beauty Through Balance ™ Acai Power Repair Moisturizer protects the skin against free radical damage while targeting signs of age with the dual action of Organic Acai Berry & Olivate from pure olive oil found in this advanced formula. Dry & environmentally damaged skin will be infused with omega fatty acids and nutrients to reveal a fresher, brighter complextion. A luxurious rich texture that leaves the skin with a smooth, silky texture without any greasy residue. 60 ml / 2 oz

I didn't think my skin was starting to show signs of aging - but whoa, after using this lovely Acai Power Repair Moisturizer by Beauty Through Balance - I'm starting to see a noticeable (ahem, much younger) difference to my skin - in a good way! The repair moisturizer is made with organic Acai berries and pure olive oil, which further adds to the highly moisturizing and hydrating power behind this effective product. My skin really does look softer and younger with a dewy and overall lighter complexion and glow to it. While guarding against free radicals and damaging pollutants, the rich and creamy moisturizer also adds a layer of hydrating power protecting the skin and nourishing it at the same time. If your skin is dry or if it's starting to show signs of premature aging - then this is the kind of moisturizer you would want in your beauty arsenal!

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