Sunday, August 9, 2009

Review- Smashbox Reign Lash DNA Mascara in Plum

Bejewel lashes in a sumptuous new shade fit for a royal. This protein and amino acid packed formula dramatically lengthens, strengthens and defines for stand-out eyes. $18

Colored mascara is for makeupmaniacs. Generally only the most attuned and observant can spot someone wearing an actual color other than black or brown on someone else's lashes. This phenomenon holds true for the wearer, too. You kind of feel like you have a secret when you're wearing it until you get a knowing look from a fellow makeupphile. This plum colored delight adds allure to one's color story like any good mascara with a hint of hue. Also of note is that it's not a blue purple but more of a mauve purple which (again to the trained eye) comes across as a snazzy brown. There are actual iridescent rose sparkles in the product, too, which catch the light so subtly that you almost can't believe they're real. If you're in the market for a sumptuous quality mascara that adds to the very fun of wearing makeup then this is a flawless choice.

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