Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review - DDF Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel

A gentle water-activated sudsing cleanser for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Ideal for individuals who like the feeling of soap and water without drying. Leaves soothing hydration to alleviate the feeling of tightness and/or dryness after washing.

When I first opened this cleanser, I was afraid maybe it wouldn't work well enough. When I see "gentle" and "sensitive skin" on the label of a product, a lot of times this means it is too milquetoast, and will leave make up and dirt residue on my face because it's not a strong enough cleanser to get the job done. When you live in a big city (or really if you work outside anywhere) your skin can get SO grimy so fast over the course of a day. Add to this a layer of make up and then top it off with my being the type of person that's always touching their face... well, you get the idea. My skin can get messy. But this is actually a pretty great facial cleanser considering I didn't even feel like I needed to moisturizer after using it. Usually my skin is desert dry and gets tight and itchy if I don't immediately apply moisturizer, so that truly says something. Just like the website describes, it really does have a 'soap and water' feel to it, but no after-effect that soap might leave you regretting. I even tried this out on a very sensitive skinned friend who swears she can only use cetaphil, and she now wants to buy her own bottle (because... well, I'm not handing this one over).

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