Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review- Obliphica Treatment Hair Mask

Repair and nourishing for very dry and colored hair. $12.95 for 5.1 oz

I touched up my roots one day recently and the instructions say to not shampoo or condition once you rinse out the color. I used the Obliphica mask in hopes to "lock in" the color for some unparalleled amount of time. I'll have to add an addedum to this review if it works. Anyway, I wasn't hugely impressed with the effects of the conditioner post-root color but I had a feeling that these products are really hardcore and work specifically with each other within the line so I saved some that I was going to use with my Oblphica shampoo sample. A couple of days later I used the rest of it in conjunction with the shampoo and I was pretty happy with the result. Said result was achieved, from what I can tell, from the proverbial hand of the shampoo washing the hand of the conditioner, if you will. Additionally, I have been rolling effortlessly through the stankiest weather in the history of NYC with straight hair.

Sultana says: I am picky with deep conditioners. I've had the best and the worst. This one falls right in between. Its a good hair mask but it didn't do anything about the knots I get in my hair. Which surprised me because this is made for color treated and damaged hair. It did however, leave my hair softer and shinier so that is a plus.
I think that if my hair was shorter, this would have worked better.

Deedlejuse Says: Can I just start with how amazing the smell of this product is! It really is one of the best smelling deep conditioners I have tried. It left the entire bathroom smelling amazing throughout my shower, and even for a few hours after. I can't really give a super-happy review, only because the sample packet was so small, and it really only worked for one deep-condition. I have a feeling that after a few more uses this Deep Conditioner would really be more amazing. For the one use I had though I will say I really liked it. My hair looked and felt very soft and shiny, and the thickness of the suspension was just right to really get down into my locks. I would reccomend getting this product and trying it, even if you don't re-purchase, because it has amazing potential to be a star!

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