Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review- M2 Body Refinish

Embarrassed by blotchy skin or rough patches on your body? M2 Body Refinish 15% is a complete body treatment solution for all your skin care dilemmas. It exfoliates dulling dead skin cells and eliminates the look of damage and discoloration through the use of Mandelic and Malic Acids. The addition of protective antioxidants and humectants transforms the skin from lackluster to luminous. 5.07 fl. oz. $45.

I've got a few yucky patches of skin - elbows, knees, and underneath my arms, and a few dark spots here and there. M2 Body Refinish is supposed to help improve discoloration through its powerful blend of antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids. They say you can use it once daily, unless it irritates your skin (some people are sensitive to the acids). Unfortunately this product didn't work out too well for me. M2 claims that within a month of use you will see a significant improvement in the condition of your skin; I used it daily for about 6 weeks and saw absolutely no results. I may keep using it for a few more weeks, just in case my skin is having a delayed response, but so far its not looking promising.
Deedlejuse says: I cannot rave enough about this Skin Refinish 15%!! You might have seen an earlier post about Skin Refinish where the reviewer was slightly irritated by how potent the solution is. When I read this I was absolutely dumbfounded. I LOVE my Skin Recharge and haven't found it irritating in the slightest. So naturally I was a bit confused by their post. Then it donned on me that I have the much less potent 15% variety, which I would definitely recommend for those of us who aren't completely leathery and wizened. I am 25 and have slightly less sun damage than I could have at my age, so it doesn't have too much work to do. This summer, however, I have gotten a bit more sun than I might have wanted to. This Skin Refinish just sort of burns the damaged skin away without you noticing it! I will give you one heads-up though: Your skin peels off slightly, I thought at first it was just the lotion beading up from humidity, but eventually I realized it is actually dead skin coming off your body. So if your going on a date (or anywhere else really!) with lots of skin showing I recommend "missing" the spots you leave bare for the day! It will leave you super soft, it worked absolute miracles on my hands and feet! Lastly, I will say that I adore the packaging, and I am excited every time I see it on my dresser. Great product, you will definitely see results.

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