Saturday, August 8, 2009

Review- Curlisto Bio Curl Shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo for damaged or chemically treated hair. Contains natural oils and fatty acids to cleanse and protect against dryness and brittleness. Great for dry and frizzy curl types. $18 for 8 oz.

Every time I get a new shampoo to review it's always for curly hair which is funny since I spend a good deal of time denying my natural hair state (with blowouts, straightening products and a flat iron, no less). This fact is the reason I think that Hillary, our fearless leader, is actually a shrewd yet subtle interventionist working to get us to "accept what we can't control" or something like that. Anyway, this line embraces the curly-haired girl with love and based on my usage of their shampoo I'd say that they are teaching those of us in, ahem, denial that we, too, can love what nature gave us. The first time I used the stuff, I blew my hair out afterwards thinking that would be the ultimate test--if I could straighten or wear my hair curly with equal aplomb then that would show how smart a product it is. I swear about 2 minutes after I was finished working the round brush like a pro through my now-straight hair, it looked like I had used hot rollers. I am talking about big bouncy curls reminiscent of some Mad Men-era 60s 'do. These curls have stayed with me two days later and counting. I should add that I followed with their conditioner and setting lotion.

says: I used this shampoo, followed by their hair mask and roller set my hair too, and boy was it purdy! I love that Josephine compared the look to Mad Men- era curls, and that really is the best description for them! They were bouncy, and shiny, but still sexy, not at all like super huge pageant curls. The shampoo is really rich and moisturizing, which is great since us curly-haired gals tend to have drier strands.

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