Monday, August 17, 2009

Review- Makeup 101 Class by The Powder Group, NYC

August 1-3. 3 day makeup class taught by Michael Devillis, James Vincent & Orlando Santiago.

The main thing I have to say about this 3 day seminar is WOW! I never knew how much I didn't know. For a long time now I've considered myself a lay-guru when it comes to make-up and it's application. These 3 days have opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Sure I've had make-up training before and without that I don't think I could have absorbed so much from Makeup 101, but these seminars far expanded my knowledge of color theory, different applications for different looks and what look fits what person for what occasion. It has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Not only do they teach you application and hygiene, they give you tons of information about the industry itself and what niches of make-up artistry exist. If you came into this class with some education and a modicum of experience under your belt, you could easily gain the confidence to say- start doing bridal make-up. It sounds a little far-fetched that after 3 days you could go out and make money doing make-up, but the 3 days are incredibly intense (in a light spirited way) and jam packed with information.

No 3 people are better at putting you at ease than Michael, James and Orlando. They have a knack for making every student feel like they count and will answer any question in a non-judgemental way. I cannot stress enough that if you are starting off in make-up or if you feel you are on the fence as to whether or not make-up artistry is for you, this class is the perfect vehicle for flushing out your options. I highly recommend anyone in this position sign up for this class when it come to an area near you next. You couldn't ask for a more user- friendly forum to get your feet wet in the world of make-up artistry.

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